Auction Templates is an industry leader in product listing tool and auction templates, specifically designed to use on and many other marketplaces and selling platforms.

Most people use BiggerBids because of the amount of time it saves them listing their products for sale.

We combine professional design with incredible ease of use to make your auction listings both attractive and easy to manage.

All of our templates and listing tool are Mobile Friendly – Shopper Friendly – Eye-Catching Templates proven to increase sales.

Easily create impactful listings with our user-friendly listing software with professionally designed templates.

You get a powerful, fast, and time-saving listing tool to create and manage ALL of your listings in a SINGLE dashboard.

Create all of your product listings using BiggerBids.

BiggerBids clients are seeing 60% BOOST in sales.

  • No technical skills required
  • Save time
  • Unlimited image storage – Flat fee – No upgrading necessary!
  • Upload images in bulk
  • Fully compatible – Plays well with others
  • Reliable support

Simple Process for Our Auction Templates

  1. Enter auction-specific details.
  2. Upload images.
  3. Choose and Apply whichever them you want.
Simple Process for Our Auction Templates

Unlimited Image Uploads

We have an amazing tool that allows you to upload or import images directly into your auction.

You can even use one of our bulk upload features to add an unlimited number of pictures to your listing’s layout.

Automatic Thumbnails and Galleries

We automatically thumbnail and organize each image you upload to your auctions.

You can also write customized watermarks directly onto your images before (or after) they’ve been uploaded.

Create Custom Layouts and Template Tool

Unlike many other auction template platforms, you are not required to choose your layout before you begin entering your auction information.

You enter your information, upload your images, and then choose your layout.

This allows you to see your information in a variety of auction designs.

Image Gallery

You can choose from any of our image gallery layouts for each auction you create.

Easy Product Listing and Auction Management

Create one product or auction listing and place that item across various selling platforms and marketplaces.

All of the product listings you create are on one dashboard for easy management regardless for which marketplace or selling platform.

You can always return to any product listing/auction to edit, delete or even clone it…just Login

It’s so easy!