Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through the most common questions and answers on our FAQ page.
If you can’t find what you need, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and debit cards.

How much does it cost? (SUPER VALUE)

BiggerBids is an unlimited use of our services… ALWAYS!

  • Unlimited Listings
  • Unlimited Images
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Data
  • Much, much, much more…always Unlimited

No Contracts.
We offer annual and monthly options.
You can upgrade to annual billing at any time.
You can cancel at any time.
Annual subscriptions are paid annually and are for a one year term and enjoy significant discount.

Does the free trial include all the same features as the paid membership?

Yes, FREE trial account is identical to the paid account…Unlimited

What are “Profile Settings”?

Profile Settings are selling details that tend to stay the same from one auction to the next.
Your template settings help to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend creating each auction in your account.
Every auction you create allows for shipping details, payment details, and any additional information you want to communicate to your buyer.
Rather than type the same information over and over, we suggest typing a general set of those details in your Template Settings and then slightly modifying them with each auction (if required).

What is a “Selling Profile”?

A selling profile is a collection of information that does not tend to change much from one auction to the next.
Each auction must be assigned one selling profile.
If your account only has one selling profile, it will be assigned to each auction by default.

Can I delete an listing from my account after I post it?

NO…Be very careful.
Deleting an listing also deletes the pictures associated with that listing.
If you delete an listing its pictures will no longer appear in your live online product listing.
Once your online listing is finished you can then safely delete an listing from your BiggerBids account.

Can I use the BiggerBids templates and listing software on international sites?

You certainly can!
BiggerBids can be used with nearly any online listing or sellers platform.

How do I create my first listing?

Log Into Your Account: If you haven’t done so already, log into your account.

Establish Your Profile Settings:

From the top of your screen (hereafter know as “Main Navigation”), click the link that reads My Template Settings.
Each auction you create will render according to the way you have established your template settings.
Scroll through your template settings page and update each section with the applicable information.

Create New listing:

Once your template settings have been established, you can begin to create your first listing.
From your Main Navigation, click the Create New Product Listing link.
Here you will see only a few sections of details that you should fill in.
The only required section is the title of the listing you are creating.

Shipping Details section:

We provide this section to you again here because we understand that you may want to change minor portions of this section like shipping cost or carrier.
Once you are done filling in the details of your listing, click the Save & Continue button.
NOTE: You can always go back to this listing any time to make changes.

Add Pictures to Your Auction:

Every auction can have an unlimited number of pictures that will be displayed within it.
This page allows you to upload and manage the orientation and placement of those images.
Once you have uploaded and configured each of the pictures for this product listing, you can continue on to choose a template for your auction.

Choose a Layout and Template for Your Auction:

Each of our free templates are professionally designed to “wrap itself around” the information you want displayed in your listing.
From this page you can simply click any of the listing template thumbnails to see how it looks in that layout.
Once you are satisfied with the template you’ve chosen, you’re ready to post it to your favorite listing site or service.

How can I revise a live eBay listing?

You simply need to re-sync your listings.

Can I upload a PDF to BiggerBids?

No, you can only host the JPG, PNG, and GIF image formats on BiggerBids.

Can I add a watermark to my images?

There are many watermark tools on the internet. Once you have created the image with your watermark, upload to Biggerbids.

How do I add a YouTube video to my listing?

eBay has specific formatting rules for incorporating videos into a listing.
To add a YouTube video, find the YouTube video you want to embed from the site.
Click the Share button below the video, then click the Embed button.
Then copy the code provided.
Paste in the code you copied from YouTube and click the Insert button at the bottom of the popup box and it will display properly within your final auction layout.

Am I able to access deleted and/or recycled listings?

Once you delete an item or listing, they are permanently deleted. Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Intellectual Property Rights Policy.