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Great-looking, high-quality, custom-made templates for your Bid4Assets listings are critical in the Real Estate environment.
Ensure credibility to your customers by choosing from our fresh, modern, stylish designs and layouts.
To help you build trust, our unique customizable templates allow you add a special feedback section or refund policy.
100% guaranteed to be friendly, so you’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues.

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You don’t need to know any computer jargon to use our service.
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Don’t spend time inputting the same redundant information again and again!
Using, you will SAVE TIME.
When you create a new listing, simply reapply your profile, and viola!
No more wasting valuable time.
You also have the ability to manage multiple seller profiles within your account.
Use the same profile and listing template on eBay and other platforms as well.

Unlimited Images and Listings:

Images are the cornerstone to good property listings.

With BiggerBids, you’ll never have to upgrade. Unlike other services where they restrict you with petty “storage limits,” with you get unlimited image storage and listings.

We even offer bonus tools like our simple and effective image editing software so you can quickly edit and upload all of your photos.

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BiggerBids is trusted by hundreds of Bid4Assets sellers around the world (and thousands on other auction marketplaces)—and we’re here to help you succeed.

That’s why we offer invaluable user support ranging from our step-by-step video tutorials, to our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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